Charting the Course: DMG MORI SAILING TEAM Sets Sail for the Mini Transat 2027

Embarking on a thrilling voyage, a group of trainees is gearing up to conquer the waves in the renowned transatlantic race, the “Mini Transat,” slated for 2027. Nestled in the vibrant port of Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture, this spirited team will undergo rigorous training under the guidance of seasoned ocean sailor Masatomo Suzuki. Suzuki, a veteran of the Mini Transat in 2019 and the Globe 40 round-the-world race in Class 40 in 2023, brings a wealth of experience to the helm.

The Mini Transat serves as a pivotal gateway to the prestigious Vendée Globe, an arduous solo round-the-world yacht race with no stops or refueling. Team skipper Kojiro Shiraishi etched his name in history in 2021 as the first Asian to conquer this formidable challenge. In 2023, the latest edition of the Mini Transat saw esteemed participants like Laure Galley and Federico Sampei, both members of the esteemed DMG MORI SAILING ACADEMY in France.

Recruitment for the Japan program began in February 2023, with the DMG MORI SAILING TEAM meticulously selecting three candidates after rigorous rounds of evaluation. While these young trainees boast experience in university sailing clubs, venturing into ocean-going sailing marks a thrilling new chapter in their journey. Their training journey will commence with an immersive exploration of ocean racing boat structure and operation at the Hayama Port base before setting sail on Japan’s waters.

Looking ahead to the Mini Transat 2027, the team will orchestrate the “Mini National Caravan Tour,” a captivating initiative aimed at igniting passion for ocean racing among university yacht club students across Japan. This tour will offer participants the unique opportunity to acquaint themselves with the Mini 6.50 ocean racing boat at Hayama Port, complemented by an enlightening lecture by Mr. Masatomo Suzuki and hands-on sailing experiences.

With a steadfast commitment to “fostering young skippers and engineers” and “promoting yachting and sailing culture in Japan,” the DMG MORI SAILING TEAM remains dedicated to nurturing talent and enriching Japan’s sailing landscape.

About Masatomo Suzuki Hailing from Chiba, Masatomo Suzuki embarked on his sailing odyssey at the tender age of 5, inspired by his parents. A former member of Hosei University’s yacht club, Suzuki transitioned from a corporate career to pursue his passion for sailing. His notable achievements include a commendable 23rd position finish in the 2019 Mini Transat and completing the renowned Globe 40 race in April 2023. Currently, he plays a pivotal role in the DMG MORI SAILING TEAM, sharing his expertise and shaping the next generation of sailors through his coaching role in the DMG MORI SAILING ACADEMY program.

Original source DMG MORI

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