Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation: Murata Machinery USA’s Legacy of Industrial Automation

Murata Machinery USA (Muratec), a renowned pioneer in industrial automation, is gearing up to celebrate its 50th anniversary throughout North America in 2024. With a rich history of groundbreaking solutions, Muratec has continuously reshaped the automation landscape, setting new standards and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

As a subsidiary of Murata Machinery Ltd. in Kyoto, Japan, Muratec has been instrumental in driving industrial excellence and success across the continent. Under the leadership of President and CEO Toshiyuki Komori, the company remains committed to propelling the Muratec brand to greater heights, delivering end-to-end automation solutions that empower customers to maintain their competitive edge.

Since its inception in May 1974 as Murata of America, Inc., Muratec has evolved significantly, expanding its offerings to include material handling, machine tools, fabrication technology, and cleanroom automation solutions. The consolidation of its U.S. subsidiaries in June 2002 marked a pivotal moment, streamlining operations and reinforcing Muratec’s position as a leader in automation.

Throughout its journey, Muratec has introduced numerous innovations across its four divisions:

Textiles: Muratec transformed textile manufacturing with groundbreaking machines like the Air-Jet Spinning system and the VORTEX series, setting new standards for speed and efficiency in yarn production.

Logistics & Automation (L&A): The company revolutionized automotive stamping with integrated turnkey solutions, incorporating automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and automated guided vehicles (AGV) to streamline processes and minimize waste.

Clean Factory Automation (CFA): Muratec’s cutting-edge floor and overhead transport systems optimized fabrication processes and set new standards for productivity and product integrity in cleanroom environments.

Machine Tools Division (MTD): From the twin-spindle automated chucker lathe to the world’s first electric servo motor CNC turret punch press, Muratec’s machine tools have consistently delivered high speed, precision, and eco-friendly operation.

To commemorate its 50th anniversary, Muratec has planned various activities throughout 2024, culminating in new machinery introductions and cutting-edge demonstrations at the 2024 International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago.

As Muratec looks back on five decades of innovation, its commitment to excellence and customer success remains unwavering. Discover the diverse range of fabrication automation solutions at www.muratec-usa.com.

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