Carl Zeiss GOM Elevates Measurement Precision for Automotive and General Industry

New Metrology Institute Backed by Mitutoyo and Carl Zeiss GOM

RGC Engineering has been a key player in equipping local industries with high-speed, precise measuring tools from Carl Zeiss GOM since 2006. This year, they will further enhance their contributions by launching a new Metrology Institute and training center, supported by Mitutoyo and Carl Zeiss GOM.

The Role of Metrology in Modern Manufacturing

Aurelio Grech-Cumbo emphasizes the critical role of metrology in today’s manufacturing landscape. Despite advanced machinery’s accuracy, workpieces often deviate from their nominal dimensions, necessitating rigorous tolerance checks. These tolerances help manufacturers determine when a component is acceptable or requires improvement, thus ensuring quality and minimizing costs.

Metrology is indispensable across all stages of production, from design and prototyping to quality assurance. It ensures that products meet design specifications and maintain production efficiency, which is vital for any business’s success.

Evolution of Metrological Tools

Traditionally, metrological inspections were conducted offline by separate teams. However, with the advent of automation, inline metrology tools have become crucial. These tools increase efficiency by reducing waste and lowering costs, ultimately enhancing product quality.

Benefits of Advanced Metrology

High-speed, accurate measurements support production capabilities, benefiting both shareholders and customers. Advanced metrology techniques, such as increased sampling rates and real-time reporting, along with the integration of the Internet of Things and machine learning, improve quality, reduce costs, and boost profits.

The automotive industry, in particular, relies heavily on precise metrology to ensure the safety and quality of vehicles. Most automotive OEMs and first-tier suppliers in Europe use Carl Zeiss GOM systems to maintain stringent tolerances and achieve quality assurance.

Launch of the Metrology Institute and Training Center

RGC Engineering’s new training center aims to fill the gap in metrology education, providing training in measuring technology and quality control. With support from Mitutoyo and Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology, the center will offer learning aids, materials, and equipment to teach the latest metrological techniques.

This initiative aligns with South Africa’s shift from the National Qualifications Framework to the Occupational Qualifications Sub Framework, ensuring that training meets current industry standards.

For more information, contact RGC Engineering at 011 887 0800 or visit

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