Brentwood expands its Mexican manufacturing capability

Brentwood Industries Inc. aims to increase its manufacturing capacity in Tijuana, Mexico.

The Spring Township-based global plastics maker stated in a press release that the development reinforces the company’s commitment to meeting expanding customer demand and providing quality products, improved lead times, and increased supply chain resiliency.

Brentwood’s first plant in Tijuana opened five years ago, and the expansion will add 100,000 square feet of production space adjacent to the original location. This addition will not only boost key capacity, but will also function as a thermoforming technology development centre.

“We’ve had a lot of success with our initial manufacturing operation in Tijuana, both in terms of customer response and local team capabilities,” said Walter Banta, vice president of operations at Brentwood. “Continued investment and increased production capacities to support Brentwood’s growing North, Central, and South American customer bases was the next logical step.”

Brentwood anticipates that the facility will be operating by August 2024.

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