Axil’s 2023 Impact Report Shows Across-the-Board Growth in Sustainable Practices

Axil, announces their 2023 Impact Report showing significant strides in its sustainability journey, marking a significant transformation from the 2022 baseline figures.

With innovation and people-centric practices, Axil is reshaping sustainable business operations, empowering clients to surpass environmental and social commitments.

The environmental total waste management leaders, based in the Midlands since 2018, surpassed all expectations for 2023 with advancements in sustainability and social responsibility, confirming their commitment to driving positive change within the industry and beyond. Some comparisons to 2022:

  • 197% surge in employee community support hours: Axil’s dedication to social responsibility.
  • 32,270 surplus products reused and redistributed: Supporting the social enterprises and those who need them most.
  • Reported training hours more than doubled per person: Commitment to employee development.
  • Quadrupled tonnage to reuse & redistribution: supporting the circular economy.
  • 85% of suppliers are SME’s (Small to Medium Sized Enterprises) – Boosting local economies and employment.

Working with UK leading brands like LEVC, Whirlpool, Lush and BMW Group, spanning critical sectors like Aerospace, Automotive, Food, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceuticals, Axil’s Impact Report showcases alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. From enhancing employee welfare to community engagement, Axil continues to redefine industry standards with its approach to sustainability.

Last year the organisation also announced their EcoVadis Silver Standard, placed in the top 9% of global waste management companies assessed.

Gina Rudkin, Head of Sustainability & Zero Waste, says, “Our commitment to measurable outcomes underscores our ethos of accountability and transparency. By setting ambitious sustainability goals and diligently tracking our progress, we pave the way for a future where businesses thrive in harmony with the environment.”

Edward Pigg, Managing Director at Axil Integrated Services, echoes this sentiment, stating, “Our vision revolves around responsible resource management, technological deployment, education, and innovation. We are steadfast in our pursuit of a circular economy, where every intervention contributes to lasting environmental and social benefits.”

These impressive impact statistics, alongside the Sustainability and Social Value Charter demonstrate Axil’s relentless pursuit of sustainability goals, as well as its impact on both environmental stewardship and the communities they work within. With an ambitious growth strategy, Axil sets a precedent for industry peers and reaffirms its position as a leader in the field of waste management and environmental stewardship.

Axil invites stakeholders, partners, and the wider community to explore the 2023 Impact Report available here. 

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