Vuzix Establishes a New Waveguide Manufacturing Facility

Vuzix, a supplier of smart glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technology and devices, announced that it has certified and begun sampling waveguides at its new mega manufacturing facility for both in-house and OEM programmes, fulfilling the company’s timetable objectives. The first waveguides will be used in products based on the company’s Ultralite OEM Platform. This production facility, which is adjacent to the company’s headquarters, now has 12,000 square feet of clean rooms, predominantly class 1K and class 10K. Vuzix has the option to lease the remaining 27,000 square feet of the building if rising product demand warrants it. This new facility complements a 10,000-square foot production facility in the company’s headquarters.

The new facility will focus on the innovation of higher index materials, innovative glass substrates, and unique formulation methods, in addition to dramatically increasing unit capacity and cutting manufacturing costs. Rapid specification to design, mould manufacture, replication and test, system integration, and waveguide fabrication, which will also cover small and big format waveguide designs, are also among the extensive in-house capabilities. This one-of-a-kind waveguide manufacturing facility supports not just the predicted multi-billion-dollar augmented reality smart glasses industry, but also other significant markets such as heads-up displays for in-vehicle use cases and other applications. An official ribbon-cutting event is planned for early December of this year.


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