Training Programmes are supported by the Big Daishowa Cutting Tool Incentive

Customers who purchase Big Daishowa cutting tools, tool holders, and workholding goods will be supporting local manufacturing training programmes for the second year in a row. Through the Tools for Schools programme, the company will provide a cutting tool certificate worth 20% of every qualified order from Oct. 1 through Dec. 29, 2023. Certificates can be used to purchase any Big Daishowa product, including tool holders, boring tools, cutting tools, workholding goods, and presenters.

The company provides nine precision tooling, workholding, and tool management system product lines focused on lowering total process time and cost per item. Face mill holders, end mill holders, collet chucks, angle heads, and tapping adaptors are all popular items. The Kaiser Boring System, high-performance Sphinx Drills, and Unilock workholding systems, as well as CAT, BT, HSK, and Big Capto systems, are all available from the company.

To take part in the programme, you must:

  • The qualifying minimum order is $5,000, which entitles you to a $1,000 cutting tool certificate.
  • Order through your local distributor and specify “Drop-ship from Big Daishowa.”
  • On your order, include “PROMO-BD-SCHOOLS” as a line item.
  • Big Daishowa awarded over $30,000 in cutting tool certifications to high schools, vocational schools, colleges, and universities as a consequence of last year’s programme.

According to Big Daishowa’s president/COO, Jack Burley, it’s all part of the company’s overarching objective to support a new generation of competent workers. “We are dedicated to employee development.” “This programme enables our customers to support local communities by providing the same tools they use in their shops to their future workforce,” he says.

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