TCI Precision Metals expands its sawing capabilities

TCI Precision Metals has expanded its precision sawing services to satisfy the needs of customers seeking greater material processing options. Customers can now be serviced with needs ranging from precision sawing to six-sided machine-ready blanks. TCI sources aluminium, stainless steel, and other alloys mill-direct to help customers who require value-added materials, but the company also works with materials supplied by customers. TCI has invested in high-production materials processing equipment in order to manufacture precision machine-ready blanks. Blanks are close-tolerance materials that are delivered directly to the customer’s receiving dock for finishing machining or fabrication. Customers can now eliminate more time-consuming in-house material prep by expanding machine-ready materials processing capabilities to include traditional precision sawing, while still having the flexibility to source and supply raw materials for processing if they prefer, or they can have TCI do it.

“As competition intensifies and workforce development becomes more difficult, many businesses are looking for ways to do more with less.” “Providing our precision sawing customers with machine-ready materials processing capabilities is one way we can help them maximise their business,” says Ben Belzer, president and CEO of TCI Precision Metals. TCI claims precision machine-ready blanks eliminate the need for in-house sawing, grinding, flattening, and squaring processes. Each blank is deburred, cleaned, and individually wrapped to avoid damage during transportation. Ready-to-ship blanks can be ordered online for same-day or next-day shipping and are guaranteed to be square, flat, and parallel to within 0.002″ of specified dimensions all around; custom-made-to-order blanks are made to customer specifications and are guaranteed to be flat, square, and parallel to within 0.0005″ dimensionally and 0.002″ flatness.

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