Startup Unveils Self-Propelled Electric RV Powered by Solar Panels

Pebble, a California-based firm, has unveiled the Pebble Flow, its flagship 100% electric caravan. The Pebble Flow is self-propelled, supplying exactly the perfect amount of power to assist the towing vehicle and alleviate the range anxiety associated with EV towing. Pebble is automating the most difficult aspects of RVing by incorporating other AI elements. The Pebble Flow, the most technologically advanced caravan on the market created by Apple, Tesla, Cruise, Zoox and Volvo veterans, intends to bring the simplicity of use of an iPhone to the RVing experience.

The specifications of the Pebble Flow are 25′ L, 7’6″ W, and 8’8″ H, with a required towing capacity of 6,200 lbs. The Pebble Flow is entirely electric, ushering the industry towards a more sustainable future.

  • 45 kWh LFP battery: This battery has the safest EV battery chemistry on the market and is large enough to power all of the trailer’s appliances.
  • Charge however you choose with universal charging.
  • Charging options include AC/DC charging at public charging stations, at home, or at camp, solar charging for up to a week of off-grid electricity, and regenerative charging to generate power while towing.
  • Integrated Solar 1kW: Allows for self-charging while driving or when parked, ensuring that its power source is always replenished. It’s like being hooked into a 110V outlet all the time.
  • The Pebble Flow is never idle, thus it can be used as an emergency battery. It can be utilised as an emergency backup supply when parked at home.

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