Siemens will invest $500 million in critical infrastructure manufacturing in the United States

Siemens announced a $150 million investment in a new high-tech manufacturing plant in Dallas-Fort Worth to assist in powering American data centres and vital infrastructure. This facility will manufacture electrical equipment. The facility will allow for the fast rise of data centres in the United States, which is being driven by the exponential use of generative AI. It will also guarantee the safe running of key infrastructure. This investment focuses on long-term clients in the data centre market, where demand is predicted to grow by 10% each year through 2030. “The hardware and software we offer will ensure that growing industries can meet demand while continuing to make progress towards decarbonizing operations,” stated Roland Busch, President and CEO of Siemens AG. “With this latest step, Siemens is delivering on its €2 billion global investment strategy for 2023 to boost growth, innovation and resilience.”

In the United States, new projects generate approximately 1,700 employees. Siemens announced earlier this year a $220 million investment in a new rail manufacturing facility in Lexington, North Carolina, as part of these projects. This facility is currently under construction. Furthermore, the corporation plans to invest in two electrical products manufacturing factories in Grand Prairie, Texas, and Pomona, California. These initiatives raise the total investment in the United States this year to $510 million, creating 1,700 employees. The new Fort Worth facility, as well as the Grand Prairie and Pomona additions, will address the demand for critical infrastructure electrification.

Production at the new Fort Worth factory is planned to begin in the calendar year 2024, with full operations beginning in 2025. To achieve the greatest standards of quality, efficiency, and sustainability, this facility will be built and run using Siemens advanced manufacturing technologies, such as digital twin technology and high-tech automation. The Siemens Xcelerator range will be used to record and analyse data on production and product performance from the shopfloor in real-time.


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