Rego-Fix Announces New Technology Centre Plans

Rego-Fix, a Swiss tooling maker, has announced intentions to create a new machining technological hub at its North American headquarters. The new Centre for Machining Excellence (CME) will be a 12,000-square-foot addition to the company’s current Whitestown, Indiana, location. According to the business, the Rego-Fix site is near Indianapolis International Airport and gives CME manufacturing and educational partners a major gateway to North America’s manufacturing sector. The facility will also allow local universities and technical institutions to participate in hands-on learning experiences with Rego-Fix.

Customers, prospects, training opportunities, and marketplaces will be available to partners around the country. Partners with access to the company’s facilities and technical knowledge can construct a satellite site to increase market presence and penetration in the United States while improving the customer experience. CME partner amenities include furnished private office spaces with storage, showrooms with adjoining hospitality areas, dedicated locations for live partner technology demonstrations, and a 165-inch video wall equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment for presentations and recordings. Inventory storage and order fulfilment support will also be available.

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