Nikon Metrology has purchased Avonix Imaging.

Nikon Americas Inc., Nikon Corporation’s U.S. subsidiary, has acquired Avonix Imaging LLC, a strategic X-ray CT (computed tomography) equipment manufacturing partner of Nikon Industrial Metrology Business Unit (IMBU) since 2015.

Avonix is reported to have a plethora of technical competence using X-rays to study the interiors and exteriors of industrial components as an imaging inspection services provider that uses Nikon equipment for both X-ray/CT 3D and 2D inspection. Much of this experience has originated from joint development initiatives with Nikon, specifically the production of cabinets and manipulators utilised in large-envelope CT systems supplied by Nikon IMBU around the world.

“In the run-up to making Avonix a wholly-owned subsidiary, we worked intensively with them to develop and build new X-ray CT systems with medium to large inspection envelopes,” explains Tadashi Nakayama, corporate vice president and general manager of the IMBU. We have introduced a new model with the industry’s largest imaging surface for a single-piece cabinet. Work on expanding this innovative machine series and developing other new goods is ongoing.”

According to Brian Ruether, co-founder and managing director of Avonix, “Nikon’s proprietary rotating target X-ray sources and proven software, combined with our expertise in the design of configurable systems, controls, and product handling, create a customised experience for our clients, which can contribute to their efficiency and profitability.”

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