Kennametal broadens its HARVI offering

Kennametal Inc. has expanded its HARVITM Solid Carbide End Mills line with a new 8-flute design that requires no tool changes. The new HARVITM IV 8-Flute End Mill is designed for machinists working in aerospace and defence, medical, energy, and general engineering applications that need maximum output when cutting a variety of difficult-to-machine materials. “Our first 8-flute end mill will allow customers to move from one challenging cut to the next without having to stop for tool changes,” stated Scott Etling, Vice President of Marketing, Global Product Management. “Machinists must achieve high productivity while remaining cost-effective when working with tougher materials.” Our new HARVI IV 8-Flute End Mills are developed specifically for roughing and finishing applications that require a combination of flexibility and safety.”

While similar devices frequently work on a single type of material, the HARVI IV 8-Flute End Mills’ design allows for versatility in tough applications such as high-temp alloys, stainless steels, steels, and hardened materials. With an internal coolant supply that clears chips even in deep cavities, its design also provides higher metal removal rates and process stability. Kennametal’s recently announced stainless steel, titanium, and other high-temp alloys end milling grade KCSM15A coincides with the release of the HARVI IV 8-Flute End Mills. This coating method extends tool life and gives the best wear resistance in Kennametal’s solid carbide end-milling history.

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