Coke Canada Bottling Introduces the Industry’s First Volvo VNR Electric Trucks

Volvo Trucks North America customer Coke Canada Bottling Limited showcased its first Volvo VNR Electric trucks to commemorate its fifth birthday and the importance of its “Towards a Better Future Together” environmental sustainability action plan. The trucks are part of a six-truck electric vehicle experimental programme that will serve the famed “Red Fleet” customer delivery routes in the greater Montreal area. Coke Canada Bottling was the first company in Canada to announce the addition of electric Class 8 trucks to its fleet.

The Volvo VNR Electric trucks contribute to the company’s aim of lowering carbon emissions from direct sources and providing energy by 46.2% by 2030 as part of Coke Canada Bottling’s “Towards a Better Future Together” environmental sustainability action plan. Coke Canada Bottling is implementing further fuel-efficiency measures in their fleet, including the electrification of light-duty service vehicles and the use of alternative fuel sources, in addition to the deployment of zero-tailpipe emission Volvo VNR Electric trucks. Coke Canada Bottling’s Volvo VNR electric trucks made their debut at the company’s distribution centre in east Montreal, which houses a fleet of 650 heavy-duty vehicles that serve customers throughout the region. Employees were given in-person driving opportunities as part of the celebrations. Other stakeholders attended the ceremony to show their support for the endeavour.

“Our global brand and this Canadian, family-owned business are well aligned on rapidly advancing environmental sustainability action plans,” said Volvo Trucks North America President Peter Voorhoeve. “We look forward to assisting Coke Canada Bottling as they conduct feasibility testing through this pilot.” The deployment of the first battery-electric Volvo VNR Electric trucks at their fifth birthday celebration underscores the importance of pursuing environmental sustainability goals that benefit the community and employees at all levels.”

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