Aptera has started wind tunnel testing for its solar-powered vehicle.

Aptera, a solar electric vehicle company, has begun the validation process for its aerodynamic design in Pininfarina’s world-renowned wind tunnel. Aptera has created a teardrop-shaped aerodynamic car with three wheels and an efficient motor. With its tradition and aerodynamic prowess, Pininfarina will now collaborate closely with Aptera to validate the unique design of its cutting-edge solar electric vehicles. Pininfarina has a history of designing classic automobiles and known brands such as Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, and Maserati. Aptera’s aerodynamic form is critical to its energy efficiency, allowing its solar EVs to drive up to 1,000 miles each charge and up to 40 miles per day directly from the sun’s rays.

“Aptera’s exterior design is inspired by Professor Morelli’s research, who is also the engineer behind the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel.” Aptera continues to push the boundaries of aerodynamic efficiency by building on Professor Morelli’s ideas’, says Alessandro Aquili, Head of Wind Tunnel at Pininfarina. “We are always excited to be a part of the development of innovative vehicles, especially when they have such a strong connection to the history of our wind tunnel.”

Aptera will refine and evaluate the aerodynamic qualities of its vehicle platform during the validation phase, assuring optimal performance and efficiency. Aptera performed correlation testing at the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel, which validated its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) work and provided insights into the vehicle’s shape, which Aptera hopes will have the lowest coefficient of drag of any production passenger vehicle.

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