MRPeasy Brings Master Production Schedule Functionality to Small Manufacturers

With the launch of the Master Production Schedule functionality, MRPeasy has become the first small-business-oriented ERP/MRP system to offer both long-term production planning and short-term production scheduling.

[Bournemouth, UK] – MRPeasy, the cloud-based manufacturing software provider known for its comprehensive solutions for businesses from 10 to 200 employees, is pleased to announce a significant upgrade to its ERP/MRP software suite. By introducing the Master Production Schedule (MPS) functionality, MRPeasy aims to give small manufacturers another practical tool that has so far been available only to larger enterprises.

In a notable step forward, MRPeasy’s functionality now combines long-term production planning with short-term production scheduling capabilities. This integration distinguishes MRPeasy as a unique solution in the small-manufacturing-oriented ERP software market.

MPS is a tool that has been a mainstay in manufacturing planning for decades. It serves as a long-term plan that outlines period-by-period what products and quantities to produce while considering factors like customer demand, current inventory, available materials, and production capacity.

MPS functionality is vital for growing manufacturers as it provides a structured approach to production planning and scheduling, allowing them to easily plan material and capacity requirements, reduce lead times, and minimise costs. By systematically aligning production with demand, small manufacturers can prevent stockouts, reduce overstocking, and increase customer satisfaction. Furthermore, MPS fosters inter-departmental collaboration by promoting efficient communication and problem-solving between sales, production, inventory, and procurement functions. This ensures small manufacturers can adapt quickly to market changes, continuously improve processes, and maintain competitiveness.

“We are excited to introduce the master production schedule functionality to our users,” commented Karl Heinrich Lauri, CMO at MRPeasy. “This is an important step forward as it provides small manufacturers with an effective toolset similar to what larger corporations use for production planning.”

MRPeasy’s dedication to continuous improvement is evident in its ongoing efforts to expand its software functionality. As manufacturing practices evolve and business environments shift, MRPeasy remains dedicated to staying ahead through innovation. The introduction of the master production schedule functionality illustrates MRPeasy’s commitment to equipping small manufacturers with the resources necessary to thrive in a competitive landscape.

We’ve grown with it, and it’s grown with us,” says Stephen Plumridge, Managing Director at Cantium Scientific, an electronics manufacturing company that has used MRPeasy since 2016. “Realising what we can do with it, we’ve put more and more into MRPeasy and today everything’s linked with it from shipping to invoices. MRPeasy effectively runs our business for us. It’s the framework for how we manage things. With customers in 50 countries, it helps us stay on track of everything.

For small manufacturers seeking to simplify production planning and bolster overall efficiency, MRPeasy’s functionality offers a valuable advantage.


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