Same rotary table, same machine, two very different manufacturing solutions.

We were approached by two different customers with the same machine. After understanding their budget, workpieces & workholding requirements we proposed the same MK250 rotary table solution but with markedly different production system set-ups – ARG – Kitagawa Europe & India‘s technology and design knowledge was able to suit exactly to the different customer’s requirements.

One MK250 production system needed to have the ability to machine multiple sides of their large complex workpieces in as few operations as possible. Requiring a 870mm long trunnion system with a 220mm machining envelope above the trunnion bed. But the production system had to be removable so that they could utilise the whole of the machine bed for even larger workpieces, necessitating the entire production system to be placed on a sub-plate. This also meant the MK250 production system’s set-up time was considerably reduced when they required it for multi-sided operations again.

The other production system was bolted directly to the machine bed and the customer manufactured their own quick-change trunnion beds to suit their long complex workpieces requiring multi-side operations. The tail spindle assembly could be moved to suit the length of the trunnion utilised. The MK250 was supplied with 6+1 rotary joint which also includes a 12.5mm diameter multi-purpose hole, allowing the customer to provide hydraulic or pneumatic services to various clamping systems on their trunnion beds. The multi-purpose hole can also be used as a wiring duct for seating confirmation sensors, enabling the customer to enhance any workholding designs.

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