Enhancing Heavy Lifting Capabilities: Flegg Projects Acquires Landoll’s PT40 Model

We have invested in a new piece of lifting equipment which will be arriving from the United States at the end of July.

Flegg has a reputation for investing in the latest technology and constantly improving the existing range of heavy-lifting equipment.

Following a visit to the US last year, our MD Jayson Flegg placed an order for Landoll’s PT40 model. We caught up with Jay to ask why he chose this machines and how the features can benefit customers in future.

Q. What is a Landoll PT40?
A. It looks like one of our Hoist heavy lifting forklifts. The biggest difference is that the main lifting arm is powered by a large single ram, like our JMG pick/carry crane.

Q. Why not buy another forklift or crane?
A. We have owned/operated these products for many years and whilst they are fantastic machines the Landoll can combine the best features of both. The hoists are great because they have great lifting capacity for such a compact truck but the reach on the jib attachment can be limited. The jib on the JMG provides much more reach/capacity but is less compact. So in short the Landoll has the advantage of the reach/capacity and compact design for working in a smaller space.

Q. How much can the PT40 lift?
A. This machine can be supplied with forks and/or jib so lift capacity will depend on which method is used and other factors like dimensions of the item being lifted, location of the lifting points and the environment we are working in. The maximum lift capacity is approx. 22,000kgs. Please contact our sales team who will be happy to provide copies of the duty charts.

Q. What other features does the Landoll have?
A. We have ordered some additional options which will aid the operator. Firstly, is a wireless remote control unit. All of our crane lorries and our JMG fleet have remote controls as well and this is a massive help for the operator. It gives them the opportunity to view the lift and have better visibility and communication with the rest of the lifting team. A manual Jib boom is fitted, providing neatly 1-metre of additional reach.

The PT40 also has a rear reversing camera, another feature that helps the operator to work safely. Fitted with a low RPM, LPG-powered engine means the truck is quieter than your typical forklift truck. The running gear, hydraulic and electrical systems are based on a simple design, meaning that routine maintenance is simple and increases reliability.

Q. What services will the PT40 be available for?
A. Like the rest of our in-house equipment, we expect it to be utilised in all 3 of our divisions – TransportProjects and Medical. We can supply on a contract lift or hire with operator basis.

Please contact our sales team to learn more about the Landoll PT40 and discuss how we can support your lifting needs.