A Pioneer in Manufacturing Technology

Fastems is combination of visionary engineering, a firm dedication to customers, and an ambition to push for the future of manufacturing technology. Our story began in 1901 and the last 120 years signify an ascent from an expert in machining, machine building and special machine tools into a global leader in high-mix manufacturing automation. What remains unchanged is our DNA: the passion for understanding and solving customer challenges with leading engineering and technology. Rather than equipment, Fastems’ purpose is to deliver change and tools for the metalworking manufacturers to build their future with, making the whole industry more competitive and sustainable.

Fastems is built on two historical cornerstones. The first one is with Mercantile, a great Finnish trade house with a large industrial machinery import division, including machine tools since the 1920s and robots since the 1980s. The second is the manufacturing, special machine tool and manufacturing technology development unit called Linnavuori Works, established by a distinct Finnish industrial conglomerate, Valmet, in 1942.

Fastems brand was born in 1994 as Valmet decided to establish the special machine tool and automation businesses known as Valmet Factory Automation as an independent company that it then sold to Sisu, a Finnish manufacturer of heavy vehicles and defense equipment. The name Fastems comes from Factory Automation sySTEMS.

Mercantile acquired Fastems in 1995, combining it with its own machine tool and robot business, with a vision to build a global expert in automation, machining, and manufacturing technology. The parent company Mercantile has since been renamed Helvar Merca. Today, Fastems is one of several ‘Cousin Companies’, a portfolio of businesses held by the Aminoff family, with annual revenue exceeding 2 Billion euro, employing over 3500 people.

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