Seminar on The Next Generation of 5-axis Machining

On the 25th of April, the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) will host a targeted AXILE Seminar for manufacturers that want to explore larger capacity 5-axis machining with astounding flexibility, precision and productivity.

At the centre of the AXILE event will be the AXILE G8i machining centre, a machine that delivers cutting-edge innovation with a balance of dynamic kinematics and unfathomable cutting performance. A presentation will be delivered on ETG UK and the AXILE brand and their pedigree before attendees will be directed to witness the build quality and agility of the AXILE G8i machine, and in particular it’s gantry type construction that makes it stand out among its peers. 

A pertinent point of the seminar will be the vast range of standard features that are part of the AXILE offering. The extensive range of standard specifications that are regarded as ‘optional extras’ on competitors machines will demonstrate the quality and class of the AXILE range. In addition, the optional features and the groundbreaking Industry 4.0 control from AXILE will certainly appeal to forward-thinking manufacturers. As part of the seminar, ETG will have a live cutting demonstration on the AXILE G8i with the 5-axis machine demonstrating both its dynamic movements and pin-point precision by machining an impeller. If you would like to find out more about the AXILE brand, please contact ETG’s Prismatic Product Manager Ian Deacon to register your interest for this event:

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