ETG Grows Team With Prismatic Expertise

The industry is continually demanding increasingly complex components that require equally innovative solutions. The Engineering Technology Group (ETG) has long been at the forefront of innovation with its high-end multi-axis machining solutions, to complement this offering, the Wellesbourne company has employed Ian Deacon as its new Prismatic Product Manager.

ETG has created this new role as it recognises the importance of supporting manufacturers that encounter the challenges of everything from 3 to complex 5-axis machining that often requires innovative machining solutions, creative programming and machining strategies, strategic workholding technologies and even automation solutions for increasing productivity and reducing costs. ETG has long been an industry leader in prismatic machining with its portfolio that includes Quaser, OPS Ingersoll, Chiron Group, bavius and the recently introduced AXILE brand. The brands cater for everything from simple to complex multi-axis machining and high-speed machining with automation that covers everything from the smallest to the largest of components.

To support manufacturers in identifying the right solution for their business, Ian Deacon has been employed to share his expertise with ETG customers to streamline their journey to the most productive and profitable solutions. Over the last 30 years, Ian has worked as a senior application engineer, product manager, key account project manager and sales manager for some of the most prestigious machine tool brands in the industry. During this prestigious career, Ian has supported the complete spectrum of the machine tool industry – from small subcontract manufacturers with simple requirements to multinational OEMs with complex turnkey projects for some of the most challenging projects in the industry. It is this expertise and understanding of customer requirements that will ensure ETG customers have the support they need to successfully navigate any machining challenges that arise.

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