The most accurate 0.7 micron CMM from LK Metrology at MACH 2022!

At MACH 2022, Giovanni Albanese joins Steve Shickell to review the most accurate CMM from LK Metrology that offers several USPs, including a first-time accuracy of 0.7 micron! Over the last four years, LK Metrology have invested in new technologies and machines as well as the acquisition of another company with its full range of products. This year’s MACH showcased LK Metrology’s Altera 8.7.6 high precision CMM that offers a flexible gear inspection module, probe carousel, machine geometry verification, and ceramic technology. LK Metrology promise high durability and thermal stability with the most accurate product in their portfolio. Watch the video to find out how the machine achieves such tight tolerance and longevity.

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