MRPeasy Celebrates 10 Years of Empowering Small Manufacturers with Cloud-based MRP Solutions

MRPeasy, a leading provider of cloud-based manufacturing resource planning (MRP) software, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. With over 1500 clients across 60 countries, including 350 in the UK, the company continues to be committed to empowering small manufacturers with MRP software previously accessible only to large enterprises.

 Launched in 2014 by a seasoned team of software developers, MRPeasy was born from the insight that small manufacturing firms lacked access to sophisticated MRP tools. The founders aimed to democratize access to production planning capabilities that were previously available to large enterprises only, using their expertise in building high-performance web applications to create a platform tailored to small and medium businesses. Konstantin Klugman, Co-founder and CEO, MRPeasy: “When we started MRPeasy ten years ago, we wanted to help small manufacturers get their hands on the kind of planning tools the big companies use. It’s been amazing to see how this idea has taken off and helped so many businesses grow and do better. We’ve seen the idea catch on with competitors across the globe, and it makes me happy to see how we’ve made a mark on the whole industry.” Over the last decade, MRPeasy has grown exponentially, establishing itself as a leading provider of cloud-based manufacturing software. With a portfolio of over 1500 clients spanning 60 countries, MRPeasy has cemented its reputation for delivering a user-friendly interface coupled with a comprehensive suite of tools designed specifically for the needs of small manufacturers. A recent landmark in MRPeasy’s journey has been the introduction of a Master Production Schedule (MPS) feature that helps to figure out how much of a product needs to be manufactured at different periods. This means small manufacturing businesses are now able to enhance sales forecasting accuracy, optimize inventory levels, streamline procurement processes, plan workforce requirements, optimize plant capacity, estimate production costs, forecast cash flow, and ultimately improve customer service and satisfaction through efficient order fulfilment and service level maintenance. Adding the feature is part of MRPeasy’s broader strategy to ensure small manufacturers have the resources and insights needed to compete effectively with large manufacturers in the global marketplace.

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