The Hwacheon 180 is the most popular CUTEX machine

Introducing the CUTEX 180 AL YSMC by HWACHEON – a 6-inch chuck machine that epitomizes the concept of “one and done.” Recently showcased at the company’s Open House in North America, this advanced CUTEX model goes beyond expectations with its multitude of features. Boasting a range of axes, two spindles, a Y axis, driven tools, and more, the CUTEX 180 AL YSMC is a powerhouse of capabilities.

This impressive machinery caters to the needs of companies that value simplicity and efficiency. Designed to be user-friendly, the CUTEX 180 AL YSMC allows operators to press a button and let the machine take charge. It’s a testament to modern engineering, providing an all-in-one solution for businesses seeking precision, automation, and ease of operation. With its cutting-edge features, the CUTEX 180 AL YSMC stands as a standout choice, ensuring that companies can achieve optimal productivity with minimal effort.

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