Rego-Fix Showcases Advanced Tool Clamping Systems and Spindle Drawbar Force Testing Tool at IMTS 2024

Rego-Fix is excited to spotlight its latest innovations in tool clamping and metrology at IMTS 2024. The company’s booth features two new tool clamping/unclamping units for the powRgrip toolholding system and a state-of-the-art spindle drawbar force testing tool.

The showcased units include the automatic PGA 9500 and the powRgrip Single, both designed to enhance efficiency and safety in tool setup processes. Additionally, the ForceMaster tool is introduced as the latest addition to Rego-Fix’s family of metrology products.

The PGA 9500 offers a streamlined solution to automate the tool setup process when using the powRgrip toolholding system, enabling unmanned and around-the-clock tool setups. This unit integrates seamlessly with other equipment and tool storage areas via a robot, featuring an automatic door and controllable clamping device. Its compact design ensures safe operation without generating heat or hazardous fumes, making it ideal for existing automation systems.

The powRgrip Single is recognized for its user-friendly interface and swift, efficient, and safe operation. As Rego-Fix’s fastest powRgrip clamping device, it boasts a cycle time of less than five seconds. The powRgrip Single, precision-manufactured in Switzerland, is smaller in size, offering strong and stable gripping for longer tool life and cost-effectiveness. It is designed specifically for one toolholder size series, catering to shops that utilize only one series of PG toolholders, saving valuable workbench space and allowing placement in tight areas close to the point of use.

Rego-Fix is also highlighting the ForceMaster drawbar tool, designed for simpler machine tool spindle drawbar testing, tracking, and documenting, especially in shops with diverse machinery. The ForceMaster allows for quick measurement of drawbar pull-force, adaptable to any machine tool spindle with various available adapters for measuring all spindle tapers, including HSK, SK, BT, CAT, and others. This versatility makes the ForceMaster a universal metrology tool for the shop floor, ensuring spindle clamping force meets manufacturer recommendations to prevent chatter, tool and drawbar damage, and minimize spindle crash risks.

The ForceMaster integrates into digital production environments, accessible via a mobile phone app for Apple and Android devices. The device dashboard can be mirrored for remote measurements, with all information downloadable for analysis and tracking.

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