NSK America Introduces iSpeed5: A High-Speed, Tool-Changeable Spindle for Enhanced Machining Efficiency

NSK America is proud to announce the launch of the iSpeed5, an innovative, tool-changeable, electric high-speed spindle designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of machining centers. Powered by a 350 W brushless DC motor, the iSpeed5 is available in two models offering either 60,000 rpm or 80,000 rpm, catering to a wide range of high-speed machining applications.

The iSpeed5 features a custom stop block positioned under the machine spindle, which effectively prevents machining debris from contaminating the stop block, eliminating the need for operator intervention. This design ensures a cleaner and more efficient operation.

Connecting to the user’s machine tool via a taper and stop block, the iSpeed5 allows for continuous high-speed micro-machining. The primary machine tool spindle remains stationary, with the iSpeed5 motor and spindle performing all the machining tasks. This configuration offers significant flexibility for users, enabling precise work with micro round tools.

The iSpeed5 is engineered to add significant speed and versatility to existing machining centers, making it an ideal solution for industries requiring high-speed and precision machining capabilities.

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