Meet the evolving needs of the Indian market!

With almost 2,600 employees globally and an export share higher than 75%, EMAG’s customer base is literally the world! And today, we get to find out how EMAG has become a premium machine tool supplier in India. Join Ashutosh Arora of MTDCNC in an exciting conversation with experts Dr. Mathias Klein and Gururaj D Patil of EMAG to learn how the global leader is answering the needs of Indian manufacturing. With cutting-edge technologies and a dedicated team, EMAG has a strong presence in the country – enabling Indian manufacturers to achieve precision, speed, and stability in their workshops. Watch the video to learn more about the EMAG Technology Day event at Rajkot and Bangalore, where the company is showcasing tons of technology aimed at industries like automotive, aviation, medical, and agriculture!

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