Live demos, new machines, and massive chips flying at the IBARMIA Opentunity 2023 in Spain

Known worldwide for their fantastic innovation and high technology, IBARMIA have demonstrated some incredible heavy-duty machining at the Opentunity 2023 event in the Basque Country in Spain. Join Rowan Easter-Robinson and Fer Melendez of MTDCNC as they review the THR 12 EXTREME from the newly launched T series second edition. With an absolutely massive spindle assembly size, the machine allows for a variety of different operations and features, including big heavy-duty cuts for roughing, finishing, deep-hole drilling, and 5-axis operations. The capabilities for milling, turning, and grinding all in one make it the perfect machine for very complex parts for the energy and oil and gas industries. Watch the full video to find out how this beast of a machine can save you 30% floor space and offer automation capabilities for faster and more productive operations!

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