Better positioning, dynamic movement, and continuous 5-axis work – this brand-new machine range from IBARMIA is beyond impressive!

Rowan Easter-Robinson of MTDCNC drops in for a deep dive into the full capabilities and performance of the new range of machines designed for high-speed machining, dynamic roughing, 5-axis milling, and finishing. Christian Hernandez of Ibarmia talks us through the T12 demonstration, explaining the improved features of precise positioning and faster rotation with direct motors for the linear axis. Miguel Alvarez of SolidCAM explains the breakthrough iMachining technology that programs features on the quick and versatile T12 to showcase 3-axis roughing and simultaneous 5-axis finishing. Let’s not forget the most important part of the component – workholding! Inigo Garmendia of Fresmak demonstrates the self-centering and positioning zero-point system with an accuracy of 5 microns that ensures Fresmak’s vices will stay put and keep the component where it is no matter what direction you’re machining. Watch the video for a closer look at IBARMIA’s new range of high-performance machinery.

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