Online demo: The best high-mix automation practices for turning CNCs

Welcome to learn the best CNC automation practices for running high mix with multi-tasking lathes and turn-mill machining centers! In this live online demonstration our experienced robotics specialist, Teemu-Pekka Ahonen, shows the basics of flexible automation using Fastems’ automation control software MMS. How to ramp up automated high-mix production? How to repeat a previously machined part with minimum effort? How to introduce brand new workpieces easily? Learn this and more by joining the free online demo!

We will go through practically how:

  • MMS plans and runs high-mix manufacturing
  • Entirely new work pieces can be introduced to the automation system with little effort
  • Workpieces already existing in the system can be re-run easily
  • Automated production scheduling and resourcing minimize machine idle
  • Your manufacturing data can be turned into higher productivity with practical day-to-day highlights

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