Customised Excellence: Ibarmia’s T-12 Machine Revealed | EMO 2023

Step into the world of advanced machining at EMO 2023 with MTDCNC as Rowan engages in an insightful conversation with Sven Saissi from Ibarmia. Dive deep into the capabilities of the T-12 multi-tasking machining centre, renowned for its excellent metal removal rate. What sets Ibarmia apart? A staggering 70% of their machines are custom-tailored to their client’s needs, ensuring optimal performance and unique solutions. Discover the flexibility of Siemens, Heidenhain, and FANUC CNC controls, and learn how Ibarmia fosters close relationships with its customers, ensuring unparalleled precision. If you’re keen on stepping up your machining game, don’t miss out on this opportunity to grasp the future of customised machinery. 📈 #IbarmiaT12 #EMO2023 #MTDCNC #AdvancedMachining #PrecisionEngineering

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