Maximise your cost savings with the new FORTiS encoder from Renishaw

Renishaw is all about making good machine tools better. MTDCNC’s Giovanni Albanese meets Corrie Fearon of Renishaw to learn the benefits of the new FORTiS encoder that offers superior sealing for ultra-low leakage. Encoders are great for metrology and have been around for decades, but older technology encoders always leak, fall apart on shaking, and can be hard to install. Corrie shares how Renishaw take a flexible approach to air purge by using lip seals that facilitate a 70% reduction in air consumption compared to conventional encoders. Watch the video to understand the flexibility and low energy consumption with Renishaw’s technology and how the Mazak VARIAXIS C-600 works hand-in-hand with Renishaw products.

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