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PSL Datatrack is a modular production control software system, designed specifically for subcontract precision engineers, which streamlines the administration associated with the entire production process from initial quotation to final invoice.

The design of the system is such that once the quotation for a component has been created, all that needs to be physically typed until the order completes is the customer’s purchase order number and quantities!

The only other thing that the user needs to do when the order is received is confirm the relevant date(s). This blog article covers the basic flow of information through a PSL Datatrack system.

As mentioned, the quotation is where the user creates the information for the rest of the system to use. The Quotations module is, in effect, the production control software equivalent of setting a machine tool.

The selling price is determined based on the cost of the production process, materials, tooling and any subcontract work. Quotations uses information from the Company DetailsCost Centres and Material Stocks modules, so users merely select records that have already been defined elsewhere before detailing the specifics for the drawing number in question.

If the quotation is successful, the user can ‘jump’ from it into the Works Orders module to raise an order using the information already stored in the quote. The system will predict what you are about to do based on where you’ve come from – for example, it will know which customer this order should be assigned to.

To reiterate, the only thing a user needs to do here that they haven’t already done in the quote is type the customer’s purchase order number and quantities and confirm dates.

Works Orders links with Component Stocks to check if there is already any stock for that component. Order acknowledgements can be printed directly from the works order, as can process layouts for the shop floor with barcode scanning supported.

Much like the ‘jump’ from Quotations to Works Orders, a link exists between the Works Orders and Purchase Orders modules. A supplier is selected and, depending on their default item of supply, material or subcontract details are automatically retrieved from the order. Purchase order documents can be generated at the push of a button.

Receiving goods, via the Goods Received module, is just as easy. By jumping from the purchase order, all details are retrieved and all the user needs to do is confirm the quantity received. Goods Received tracks partial and complete receipts with full traceability and storage of Supplier/Mill certificates.

Depending on the requirements of the user, supporting modules are available to schedule and track the progress of a works order. Work In Progress provides overall capacity planning, control and tracking, the Sequential Scheduler calculates start and end dates for all process operations and Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) records activity from the shop floor. Information from any of these optional modules can be presented on Status Boards, dynamic visual displays which deliver clear visual instructions to all departments on any aspect of production.

Once the order has been scheduled and physically manufactured, a delivery note needs to be created. Again, all that’s required is a jump! The user navigates from Works Orders to Deliveries and just needs to confirm the batch and quantity that is to be delivered. Delivery notes and certificates of conformity are available at the click of a mouse.

Lastly, and of course most importantly, comes invoicing. This is as easy as opening the Invoicing module and running a wizard to invoice all open delivery notes. PSL Datatrack can then create PDF invoices for all of these records and email them off to customers.

And that’s it! Provided the information entered at the quotation stage is accurate, it really is as easy as a few jumps, points and clicks of the mouse to process an entire works order. There is no need for manual data re-entry as with Excel-based systems, with all information stored in one place. Numerous management reports and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) statistics are available too.

Don’t believe it can be this simple? Arrange a free, no obligation demonstration with PSL Datatrack today and see how easy it is for yourself…

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