PSL Datatrack – Our Niche

PSL Datatrack’s approach to production control software is all about providing a system that focuses specifically on the needs of the subcontract precision engineering industry.

From the way a quotation is structured to the way that data flows through the system, PSL Datatrack is not a general manufacturing system that has just moved into that arena. We created it specifically for subcontract precision engineers and the benefits of that approach are clear in the many testimonials available at

The system has the design, control and traceability that they need to manufacture quality components that are right first time, sold at the right price and delivered on time. It has been developed over many years (we were established in 1988) and, although an off-the-shelf product, is bespoke to each business that runs it.

Every customer’s requirements are different; the size of the company, the modules they need, how they actually need the modules and rules within them to interact. When we take an order, therefore, we effectively assemble a package with the modules and features that the client has selected as their start point.

There are many modules available but you may not need all of them – it depends on your requirements. We would normally recommend that you don’t try to start with them all, even if that’s ultimately where you want to go. We would always suggest carrying out the implementation in phases.

If we look at our smaller customers, they won’t need the same range of modules because with less staff there are some things they would naturally manage in a different manner. However, they fundamentally still need to quote and go through the same sales and purchase order process. It’s all about giving the right solution, at the right level, to the customer.

Larger companies, however, often need more procedures and rules in place. That’s where a bigger system (more modules) gives them the control that they need, with responsibility shared across users as defined in User Maintenance. Starting with or adding additional modules has even enabled some of our larger customers to go paperless.

PSL Datatrack has in excess of 1500 configuration options which can all be set based on the preference of the user (default options are available). We can carry out bespoke project work for unique requests and we also have a Wishlist programme for those ‘nice to have’ ideas.

Status Boards are an example of something we have developed to be able to configure and deliver exactly what the customer would like – no two status boards are ever the same. If a customer asks for one our first question is ‘What do you want it to do?’ We want to provide a real benefit to the user, not just something that sits on the wall and looks nice!

PSL Datatrack is ultimately for subcontract precision engineering businesses who want to improve themselves, become more efficient and make themselves more competitive. A company that stands still these days in practice goes backwards – we want to help make your business better and stronger, as our Managing Director Geoff Gartland discusses with MTDCNC below.

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