Fast, Accurate And More Efficient Quoting With PSL Datatrack

In the world of subcontract precision engineering, efficiency is the key to success. Every step in the process, from the initial quotation to the final product, needs to be optimised for speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

One of the crucial starting points in this journey is the quoting process, and PSL Datatrack revolutionises the way manufacturers approach it. In this article, we will explore how PSL Datatrack streamlines the quoting process, making it fast, accurate and incredibly efficient.

The quoting process is the backbone of any manufacturing operation; it’s the first step that sets the stage for everything that follows. Subcontract precision engineers need to take a look at various factors such as process times, materials, subcontract processes and machine rates to craft a comprehensive and competitive quotation.

Subcontract precision engineering companies often have an array of machines, each with different rates and investment costs. PSL Datatrack takes this complexity into account by considering overhead contributions, machine depreciation and other relevant factors. To simplify this, we offer an hourly rates guide which provides background examples and helps customers determine the rates to charge for different processes.

One of the beauties of PSL Datatrack is its flexibility in defining the quotation; it can be customised to include the specific elements the user needs. This means that they can set different hourly rates for various operations, including setting, production and even break operations if necessary. PSL Datatrack ultimately allows users to bring the entire production process together in one cohesive quotation.

Starting a quotation from scratch can be time-consuming and repetitive. We understand this and therefore enable users to create template quotations. If customers frequently work on similar parts or projects, why reinvent the wheel every time? Simply copy a template and make the necessary adjustments instead! PSL Datatrack is a time-saving solution that streamlines the quoting process.

Staying on top of quoting activities is essential for business growth. PSL Datatrack provides a sales pipeline feature that enables the user to monitor the volume and value of quotations. Users can also track the success rate of quotations and manage updates for ongoing discussions with customers. This helps them to stay organised and ensures that no opportunity slips through the cracks.

The best way to think of creating a quotation in PSL Datatrack is that it is the software equivalent of setting a machine tool – after entering the information at this point, it can be reused again and again across the entire system. The data within is transferred through other PSL Datatrack modules, eliminating the need to retype information and reducing the risk of errors that can occur during manual data entry as well as saving time.

At PSL Datatrack, we believe in the Three R’s philosophy:

  1. Relationship: Building and maintaining a strong relationship with customers is crucial. It’s the foundation of trust and long-term partnerships
  2. Reliability: Consistently delivering on promises is a must. It builds confidence and ensures customer satisfaction
  3. Right Price: Pricing products and services competitively is essential for success. It’s about finding the balance between profitability and market competitiveness

Bringing these three elements together creates a solid foundation for a thriving business.

In a future blog article, we will delve into automated works order processing with PSL Datatrack. This comes right after the quoting process and continues the journey towards greater efficiency in manufacturing operations.

In conclusion, PSL Datatrack is a gamechanger for subcontract precision engineers, offering a comprehensive and efficient solution for the quoting process. By simplifying complex calculations, enabling templates and emphasising the Three R’s philosophy, the system empowers businesses to build strong customer relationships, improve reliability and find the right pricing strategy.

Stay tuned for more insights on how PSL Datatrack streamlines the entire production process.

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