Expanding Your Quotations With Process Layouts

Process Layouts, also known as Job/Route Cards, provide a complete engineering specification for the production of a component or assembly.

Any user taking on a PSL Datatrack production control software system with at least the Quotations and Works Orders modules installed will have the option to automatically generate these shop floor sheets. The detail is based on the process defined in the associated quotation and the operation descriptions are likely to be brief ‘one liners’.

However, PSL Datatrack also provides a designated Process Layouts module which allows the user to expand the technical side of a quotation. The user can optionally modify the quotation from within the Process Layouts module to be more definitive about the instructions and add details such as tools, fixtures, gauge details and part program numbers. If there is no need to expand the quotation, the ‘one liner’ version is still available at the push of a button.

PSL Datatrack can be configured so that when an operation is saved after changing either the Operation Description or Tools & Fixtures fields, other layouts that qualify can either be automatically updated or can prompt the user to confirm updating them if required.

The Process Layouts module provides links to both the Bill Of Tools (BOT) and Tasks modules. If a process operation number is double-clicked, the system will open the BOT module, locate the relevant drawing/issue and filter by the operation selected.

Like with all PSL Datatrack documents, labels and reports, the process layout template can be customised to look exactly how the customer wants it. Some PSL Datatrack users have added tick boxes, for example, whilst barcodes can be added to enable fast, error free entry of Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC).

The sheets do not even have to be printed. They can be called up on the screen or stored as PDFs in digital job packs for quick reference, lookup and/or scanning.

In order to manufacture quality components that are right first time, sold at the right price and delivered on time, it is crucial that all engineering details are made available to the shop floor. Communication is key!

Find out more about the Process Layouts and other planning modules at https://www.psldatatrack.com/features/planning/.

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