Prima Power guarantee reliability and consistency with fully automated panel benders

MTDCNC’s Rowan Easter-Robinson is at the Prima Power factory in Turin. We’ll find out from Barry Rooney what Prima Power has to offer with its hands-off, fully automated panel benders and how these machines differ from press brakes. While press brake operation is a skilled job, the panel bender does everything for you without the need for an operator. From moving material, executing each bend, and rotating parts to hand over a completely finished product, panel benders offer the flexibility to produce a wide range of parts. Eliminating human error, the panel bender doesn’t make mistakes. It’s a CNC controlled machine that’s reliable and consistent every time, day and night. Watch the video to find out how this intuitive and intelligent machine with 28 axis offers safety, efficiency, and ease of use with a cost-effective system to produce high volume parts.

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