Tooltech have an OPEN MIND for hyperMILL

Tooltech, who have been designing and manufacturing high quality tooling for the aerospace and power generation sectors for over 16 years, were struggling with their previous CAD CAM software, with poor surface finishes & collisions. After a very successful demonstration of hyperMILL from OPEN MIND in January that covered all the weaknesses with their old system they decided to make the switch. The training for the new hyperMILL CAD system was delivered online over a couple of weeks and although initially daunted by the implementation, by the end of the training they were completely switched over to hyperMILL. The new software started to deliver benefits from day one with parts needing less deburring & polishing allowing finished parts to be produced & delivered in shorter time scales. The hyperMILL software is also more interactive, quicker to program & generally much more user friendly. Looking back Tooltech say they should have made the change 5 years ago. If you’re looking at changing your CAD CAM Software, keep an OPEN MIND and check out hyperMILL.

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