What’s happening behind the scenes at DMG MORI’s impressive Precision Center?

With machines as old as 25 years still running precise, how does DMG MORI achieve such incredible success? MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn meets the one-and-only Kazutoyo Moriguchi of DMG MORI to find out! At their precision facility number two in Japan, DMG MORI have 40 jaw-dropping machines, specialized in-house capabilities, and high-precision 5-axis technology to produce 1,500 workpieces a month in record lead times. Grinding castings at an unbelievable level, DMG MORI produce precision components with immense accuracy, reliability, and quality. Listen to the inspirational success story of their marvellous facility, their continuous expansion, and how they achieved massive time and cost savings with lead times shortened from 7 days to 4 hours on a part!

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