Verisurf Software Revolutionizes CMM Acquisition with New Sales Platform

Verisurf Software Inc. has launched a new sales platform allowing customers to acquire both new and pre-owned CMMs equipped with Verisurf software. All machines undergo calibration and certification processes and come bundled with Verisurf CMM Programming and Inspection Suite software.

While Verisurf primarily advocates for cutting-edge technology in new machines, Terry Wear, Director of CMM Integration at Verisurf Software Inc., emphasizes their commitment to meeting customer needs. In instances where budget constraints or specific applications necessitate pre-owned equipment, Verisurf ensures the availability of excellent CMM options. According to Wear, the pivotal component for unlocking the full potential of any CMM lies in the accompanying software.

Verisurf software seamlessly operates on both new and pre-owned CMMs. It stands out as the sole metrology software built on a comprehensive 3D CAD/CAM platform with intelligent model-based definition (MBD). This unique foundation ensures data integrity and enables users to conduct metrology workflows within a unified CAD environment while preserving model-based digital continuity.

Verisurf’s software supports all CAD file formats, and the Verisurf Device Interface (VDI), featuring a virtual CMM display, facilitates communication and operation with all programmable and portable CMMs, ensuring universal compatibility. The software’s modular design, user-friendly CMM programming, and integrated productivity tools empower users to swiftly create measurement routines through efficient and repeatable workflows, enhancing quality process control.

Original source MMSonline

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