This is why L&Z Tool & Engineering invested in this 40 taper OKK

Why would a 70-year-old third generation mould-making company invest in the OKK machine? Tony Gunn of MTDCNC and Lance La Marca of L&Z Tool & Engineering talk about the differences in precision and rigidity of a 40-taper machine versus 50-taper machine. Knowing that 50 taper spindle machines are traditionally more rigid and take an aggressive cut, L&Z were hesitant about going for a 40-taper spindle. Lance says his company took a leap of faith after the guys at Maruka suggested the 40 taper spindle OKK would be a great fit. The combination of higher RPM, horsepower, torque, and precision delivered beautiful finishes, precision cuts, and outstanding rigidity. L&Z have some of the best machines on the planet with a firm belief that the combination of great skills, machines, and customers results in tremendous success. Watch the full video for Lance’s incredible story on having autonomous running, precision, and the right partners to do the job.

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