SUGAWARA SEIKI Co., Ltd. Achieves Precision and Efficiency with Sodick Technology

Kyoto, Japan – SUGAWARA SEIKI Co., Ltd., a specialist in manufacturing carbide molds and rotary press machines for powder molding, has significantly enhanced its production capabilities by integrating Sodick’s advanced machine tools. Known for producing high-precision electronic components, the company has transitioned from manual to NC machines, leading to more efficient and stable-quality operations.

Founded in 1949, SUGAWARA SEIKI has a history of innovation in mold making. They initially began by modifying tablet press machines for ceramics powder molding in the electronics industry. This innovation extended to developing cost-effective molds by separating the holder and the tip of the pestle, a technique still used today.

Focus on Advanced Machinery

Since 2000, the company has actively used Sodick’s wire-cut EDM, die-sinker EDM, and machining centers. These machines have allowed SUGAWARA SEIKI to maintain high precision and efficiency, essential for producing molds with complex shapes and tight tolerances. The introduction of the AP200 wire-cut EDM, particularly in its oil-specification model, marked a turning point by enabling reliable automatic threading of ultra-fine wire electrodes.

The company’s dedication to quality is evident in their thorough inspection processes across cutting, grinding, EDM, and MC machining stages, ensuring each mold meets a strict 0/+5 μm tolerance. This meticulous approach has enabled the production of high-precision, long-life molds that meet demanding industry standards.

Innovation and Automation

The introduction of Sodick’s AP1L die-sinker EDM and UH430L fine precision machining centers further enhanced SUGAWARA SEIKI’s capabilities. The AP1L, known for its high-speed, high-quality finishing, significantly reduced the need for hand polishing. Meanwhile, the UH430L enabled near-mirror surface finishes on carbide molds, drastically cutting down on manual labor and improving overall productivity.

SUGAWARA SEIKI’s focus on reducing manual work and embracing NC and automation technologies underscores their commitment to efficiency. By continually adopting advanced machinery, they aim to produce high-quality molds without relying on skilled craftsmanship alone, ensuring consistency and repeatability.

Strategic Vision and Future Goals

President Naoya Sugawara emphasizes the importance of NC and automation in maintaining quality and meeting production demands. The company is exploring automated programming and the integration of multi-tasking machines to further streamline operations and reduce manual interventions. This forward-thinking approach ensures SUGAWARA SEIKI remains at the forefront of the industry, capable of delivering precision-engineered molds efficiently.

For more detailed insights into SUGAWARA SEIKI Co., Ltd.’s use of Sodick technology and their impact on mold production, visit Sodick’s official page.

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