Success with Sodick: This powerful story of Kingson Molds is giving us the chill bumps!

With 80% of their work targeting the medical industry, Kingson Molds require utmost accuracy, precision, and quality for the parts they produce!

Meet Kaci Miller and Ryan Harris of Kingson Molds – a woman-owned family business operating since 1977. Partnering with Sodick enabled their business to reach incredible success. And it all comes down to top-notch service, guaranteed micron accuracy, and perfect parts coming off the machine with no need for secondary operations!

Buying an EDM is similar to buying a car – the engine and the transmission are the most important. And when it comes to Sodick EDM machines, the engine is the linear motors, and the transmission is the motion control!

Join MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn to learn about the incredible journey of Kingson Molds and see what Jim Alles of Sodick has to say about what they can do for your machine shop.

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