Streamline Cycling speed up base rim manufacturing

Daniel Cain, Founder of Streamline Cycling, talks to Rowan Easter-Robinson of MTDCNC to share his experience with composite machining and the support he’s received from QUICKGRIND and NMIS throughout his journey. One of the most interesting applications of composite machining, the Air System is a base rim that can be fitted quickly and easily with aerodynamic covers. This main product from Streamline Cycling simply adds air dynamics without the user having to buy a whole new set of wheels. The aerodynamic gains allow cyclists to go faster for the same power, enabling a ton of speed. While the Air System is meant for professional cyclists and triathletes, another option of rear covers can be fitted to any rear wheel, again saving a huge amount of money compared to buying a fixed disc. With the help of NMIS, Daniel partnered with QUICKGRIND and was able to speed up the whole manufacturing process, make parts faster, and extend tool life. Hear Daniel’s full story!

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