SANKO KASEI Co., Ltd. Achieves Stable Mass Production with Sodick Technology

Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate, Japan – SANKO KASEI Co., Ltd., a prominent manufacturer of plastic parts, has been at the forefront of utilizing advanced 3D modeling and printing technologies to enhance its manufacturing processes. The company specializes in producing a wide range of plastic components for automotive, electrical, and medical industries, leveraging Sodick’s metal 3D printers to achieve superior mold functionality and production efficiency.

Embracing 3D Technology

SANKO KASEI has integrated 3D CAD and flow analysis into its design and manufacturing processes, enabling precise mold production and stable mass production. By utilizing 3D printers, the company can create prototypes and refine designs before moving to mass production, ensuring high quality and reduced lead times. The DigitalWax029J+ resin 3D printer and Sodick’s OPM350L metal 3D printer are pivotal in these advancements.

Innovations in Mold Making

The introduction of the OPM350L has revolutionized the company’s mold-making capabilities. This high-precision machine combines laser melting and milling, allowing the creation of complex conformal cooling channels within molds. This innovation significantly improves cooling efficiency, reduces deformation, and enhances the quality of the molded products. The use of lattice structures within molds further optimizes material usage and thermal management.

Pioneering Air Cooling Techniques

SANKO KASEI is also exploring air cooling methods to complement traditional water cooling. This approach prevents issues like water leakage and pipe rusting, offering a reliable alternative for certain molding scenarios. Combining air and water cooling has shown to be highly effective, improving cooling performance and reducing cycle times.

Commitment to Customer Solutions

Mr. Hisashi Hashimoto, the molding factory manager, emphasizes the importance of comprehensive support from Sodick in mastering metal 3D printing techniques. This collaboration has enabled SANKO KASEI to propose innovative solutions to customers, focusing on improving precision, reducing costs, and meeting sustainability goals.

For more detailed insights into SANKO KASEI Co., Ltd.’s use of Sodick technology and their impact on plastic part production, visit Sodick’s official page.

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