Precision Unleashed: Monaghan Tooling Group Introduces MK Tools’ Speed Drill S2 and S4 Series

Monaghan Tooling Group presents the cutting-edge MK Tools’ Speed Drill S2 and S4 series, introducing a range of solid carbide drills in standard sizes from 3 to 20 mm. Boasting a two-flute geometry with a 30-degree helix angle for superior chip evacuation and 140-degree point geometry, these drills excel in precision holemaking across various materials, including carbon steel, cast iron, alloys, and both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

The S2 series, ideal for general-purpose applications, is available in sizes from 3 × D or 5 × D with options for both coolant through and non-coolant fed designs. On the other hand, the S4 series, featuring four-guide lands, ensures superior sizing, offering increased performance and higher-quality holemaking. S4 models are available in 5 × D and 8 × D sizes with coolant through options only.

Crafted from premium carbide feedstock using the latest generation of CNC grinding machines, both the S2 and S4 series embody a straight main cutting edge and a special slot form, optimizing cost/performance ratios and resulting in low costs per piece. With original OEM regrinding, including coatings, these drills deliver new drill performance and maintain a low cost-per-piece throughout their extended service life.

MK Tools’ Speed Drills cater to a broad spectrum of applications, from high-volume production runs to one-off machine shop projects. They excel in scenarios demanding precision and repeatability, such as in the production of connecting rods, injection pumps, wheel carriers, guide wheel shafts, and more.

All MK Tools standard drills feature the proprietary GTX coating, a multilayer aluminum chromium nitride coating that reduces reaming resistance, ensuring longer tool life and improved chip evacuation. Monaghan Tooling Group performs advanced coating options in-house, both for new tools and regrinds, reducing lead times and ensuring optimum tool performance.

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