Kuka Robotics Unleashes Cutting-Edge Mobile Platforms for Next-Level Industrial Logistics!

Kuka Robotics introduces the KMP 1500P autonomous mobile platform, designed to revolutionize intralogistic optimization. Meanwhile, the Kuka KMP 600-S DiffDrive mobile platform, an automated guided vehicle (AGV), elevates industrial logistics with laser scanners and 3D object detection to meet the most stringent safety standards.

The KMP 1500P autonomous mobile robot (AMR) boasts a 60-mm stroke and precision positioning, enabling it to efficiently transport up to 1.5 tons of materials and workpieces. It excels in tasks such as picking goods, supplying lines and cells with materials, and transporting production parts during process linking. Utilizing built-in technology and QR code readers, this robot identifies loads, lifting various load carriers for seamless integration into existing industrial projects. Its applications optimize warehouse processes, streamline assembly lines, and enhance complex material handling.

Equipped with differential drive, flexible mobility, and autonomous adaptability in dynamic environments, the KMP 1500P prioritizes safety with 3D cameras, laser scanners, and an IP class 54 rating. The robot charges both at a station and during work processes through inductive, intelligent 24/7 charging management. Kuka’s KMReS fleet manager simplifies integration, balancing cost efficiency and safety. Maintenance is swift with easily replaceable control and switching electronics.

For transporting challenging loads, the Kuka KMP 600-S DiffDrive AGV achieves speeds up to 2 m/sec in all travel directions, supporting payloads of up to 600 kg. Its integrated lifting device raises up to 60 mm in under 3 seconds, eliminating the need for safety fencing and providing maximum freedom of movement for employees.

In scenarios demanding high-speed travel, front and rear-mounted laser scanners ensure safe operation in all directions. With camera-based 3D-object detection, the KMP 600-S DiffDrive seamlessly integrates into existing production environments, autonomously detecting obstacles from 50 mm up to 2.1 m above the ground. Engineered for robust industrial settings, the KMP 600-S DiffDrive maintains reliability in adverse conditions, featuring an IP 54 design resistant to water spray and dust.

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