Interviews with industry experts and their experience with Allendale Machinery Systems

Today on MTDCNC, we talk to the specialists in the field of manufacturing to know more about their amazing partnerships with Allendale Machinery Systems, Hudson Valley Community College, and Pine Bush High School. Henry Hatfield from Hatfield Metal Fabrication shares his views on their proactive approach to find new employees through Allendale Machinery systems and Hudson Valley Community College. A unique school in the Hudson Valley region, the Community College is a great resource to train new CNC machinists. High school students are exposed to the manufacturing industry and motivated towards the field. Director of Operations, Sean Hamilton from Putnam Precision, says they’ve been working with Allendale for almost forty years and are a big supporter for Pine Bush High School. They want to teach future engineers the value of staying in the country and continuing to innovate. Catch other prominent speakers who share their experience and knowledge of manufacturing:

– Mark Harris, Director of Manufacturing at Lodolce Machine
– Sam Chiappone, Director of Manufacturing Innovation for the School of RPI
– Aaron Hopmaer, Principal of Pine Bush High School
– Ken Marshall, high school teacher at Pine Bush High School
– Joel Lape, Package One Industries
– Neil McGill, Allendale Machinery Systems
– Kathy Looman, Director of the Gene Haas Foundation
– Jim Quinn, Application Manager from Allendale Machinery Systems

Watch the full video for more details from the experts themselves!

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