If you think 30 taper machines are only meant for light cuts, think again!

In an interview with Tony Gunn of MTDCNC, Luke LaMarca of L&Z Tool and Engineering explains how a 30 taper ROBODRILL has been a great machine in offering excellent finishes and increased tool life for cutting hard materials. The benefit of 24,000 RPM and the dual contact with the 30-taper allow L&Z to keep the rigidity of the spindle, take decent cuts, remove material in no time, and achieve gorgeous finishes! Luke testifies the tolerances, accuracy, and precision that come along with the speed as well. Despite being a third-generation mould-making company in the US with tons of experience in 40 and 50 taper machines, L&Z Tool have been able to increase tool life and get parts done faster with a 30-taper machine. Hear more from Luke on cutting hard materials and achieving great results with ROBODRILL.

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