Double the output with these pallet changers

Manually loading machines can result in unnecessary downtime. Fortunately, KWM Gutterman – the largest manufacturer in the world of gutter machines – is here to show us how they ended up doubling their output thanks to MIDACO pallet changers! Join Tony Gunn of MTDCNC and Max Tucker of KWM Gutterman to discover how MIDACO’s solutions enhance productivity and optimize machining operations. Allowing KWM Gutterman to load outside of the machine, MIDACO pallet changers enable a 50% reduction in load times and double the output in an eight-hour shift. With load times down to 20 or 30 seconds, production has skyrocketed at KWM Gutterman – and the versatility of the system allows for quick changeovers and adaptability to various setups. Watch the full video to find out how MIDACO pallet changers can revolutionize your machining processes with massive time savings!

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